The Making of the NBA 2016 Summer League Court

An Inside Look

Horner Sports Flooring has been a trusted, family-owned buisiness since 1891, known worldwide for its integrity as a founding member of the Maple Flooring Member Association (MFMA).

Inside this short manual, you will...

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the NBA Summer League's court
Learn the essentials of assembly
Discover why maintenance and sustainability should be job #1

I have found this e-book to deliver detailed insights into the purchasing process, and it has saved us time and money.

A Reputation Built on Quality

125+ years of experience

Nationally & Locally Involved

LEED - Certified Design

Since the invention of basketball in 1891, Horner Flooring has been the go-to for indoor and outdoor sports flooring across the country.

Each Horner product will arrive at the project site with industry standard LEEDS traveling forms which state each product's content, applicable LEED credit and manufacturing location.

Horner's cutting-edge flooring solutions continue to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, from elementary schools to NBA- and Olympic-caliber competition.

The World Leader in Sports Flooring since 1891

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- Karl Borree
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