Floor Renderings

Expect to see a rendering of the floor with artwork to help envision your new floor.


Line Preparation

Learn the trick to getting a clean, sharp paint edge on your lines and logos!

Check out our eBook before you start your next project!

This is a simple, quick guide to what you can expect when it comes to the process of painting court lines (for any sport) and logos onto your new hardwood athletic floor, complete with visual examples.


Karl Borree National Sales Manager Horner Sports Flooring

Horner Sports Flooring has been a trusted family-owned business since 1891 and Horner is known worldwide for it's integrity as a founding member of Maple Flooring Member Association (MFMA).

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"I have found this ebook to deliver detailed insights into the purchasing process and it saved us time and money."

Jeff Hansen

Court Lines and Logos Made Simple

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